Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We interrupt this prolonged period of blog silence... bring you some old photos. Mostly since I don't have a vintage movie reel of cute dancing candy bars that will encourage you to leave the theater or otherwise entertain yourself while nothing happens on the main screen. Here are a few that I pulled off an old computer while I was back home. Takin it back to 2003-2004...

Moms get the computer chairs. Daughters get the basketballs.

Recovering from four wisdom teeth's worth of general anesthetic. Watson looks like he's there to comfort me but actually he's just taking advantage of the extra-padded couch.

The bear coat! This is the giant coat that lives by the front door of my parents' house in the winter. Let all who are cold, enter and put on the bear coat.

A rare shot of me in my a capella days. Hint: I'm the white girl with brown hair.

And lastly but not leastly, an original Richard Lee - as I recall, this was my desktop background for at least a full semester of college. Don't you just wanna hug that thing?

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