Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Candles coast to coast

I didn't even mean to travel on my birthday and make everyone celebrate with me, but it was kind of awesome. Here's a quick tour.

Newton, MA. I shared a cake with Becca, my cousin's girlfriend who has my name and also a bday the day before mine. Dinner was preceded by schoolwork and a gorgeous bike ride by the Charles, and followed by a  slideshow of Joey and Becca's epic travels (Israel ---> Nepal and pretty much everywhere in between.) The next day started out with a proper birthday brunch for Becca in a Cambridge park and ended with newlyweds Andrea and James! (And Foster the cat, lasagna, and ceramics Made By Us! It was kind of amazing. I adore having friends who don't hate me for disappearing for two years, where we can pick up right where we left off.)

Oak Park, IL. Post Indian feast with my mom, Dennis (photographer) and the Bridges. We had massive camera/phone failure and could only come up with this awesomely florescent semi-candid. I kind of love it. Not pictured: my dad + more amazing food + Manu Chao. Oh yes. Chicago is good to me.

Oakland, CA. Back home! Where a lovely card was waiting for me from Nancy. Which was immediately appropriated by Joe. As a tunnel for his trains. You know, as one does with birthday cards. (I did try to take it back, but he made sad faces and waxed poetically about the "yellow flowers" on the card. Our household is pretty much in thrall to adorable train fixations and multi-word phrases these days.)

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  1. "Yellow flower!" I mean, ahem, "Happy birthday!!"