Tuesday, September 06, 2011

grapes of the summer are low on the bough

Happy September! In honor of my most hated time of year in all of Austin, I will proceed to say NOTHING about the weather in this post. Swear to god.

So anyways. While the most obvious consequences of selling our car may still be the watermelon-shaped holes in our life, there have been other significant changes as well - like the fact that now when I get offered something like, oh, say, a ride to Ikea, I say "YES" and am in their car buckling my seatbelt before the offerer has actually even finished phrasing the question. It does make me a much more decisive shopper, though, when I know I have just one shot at bringing home the perfect piece of furniture. Like this one!

The Before shot follows for your home decor voyeurism pleasure (as we all know, the only way I can ever motivate myself to do anything - including but not limited to washing dishes, cutting my hair, and/or assembling Ikea furniture - is with the promise of Before and After photos). R&I continue to make dubious headway toward Actual Grownuphood by finally getting rid of the gross computer desk that our landlord gave to us when we first moved to Texas with only the clothes on our backs. It's done its time in several rooms over the years... pretty much everything we own has been shoved into this desk at one time or another. Most recently it's been loitering in the kitchen pretending to be a pantry, but we knew the dirty truth. So long and good riddance!

And finally, as Rebecca mentioned, we recently held a brief blog reunion in Reno - we were out there for my cousin's wedding, and Rebecca braved a 10-hour round-trip Greyhound ride to spend less than 24 hours with us because we made her. Well, she mostly volunteered, but we would have made her even if she hadn't. It was everything a weekend should be - excessive food, gold rush tourist towns, casinos, a brief cameo at Reno Pride (we totally walked past the park where it was happening! I made everyone sit around and wait for me while I paid my $5 admission and walked through, because I've basically never met anything gay that I could resist. You heard me.), pretty parks, and drunken family time. Awesome. Here are the Texas ambassadors with my dad, all gussied up. I believe this was shortly after the ceremony and shortly before the bride & groom rode in on an Xtracycle...

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  1. Good thing you linked Xtracycle -- I now not only know what it is but want one!

    xoxo, Lauren