Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy birthday Rebecca!!!

Today, in honor of the 29th anniversary of the date of birth of the woman without whom this blog would have an entirely different name, I bring you this photo from the archives. Scene: the year is 2003. Rebecca has just turned 21 and is being feted by a bunch of people we either actually liked or felt obliged to invite. I know she looks kind of bored in this particular party shot, but trust me, there's no greater certainty in life than the fact that if Rebecca looks apathetic, she's actually having a really good time on the inside. Also, this picture prominently features both her awesome hair and proof of the occasion, in the form of the birthday-themed whiteboard decorated for us by Lauren and Ruth.

So happy birthday to our favorite Rebecca... may we celebrate a million more birthdays with you over the years!!!


  1. I know I don't usually say nice things, but I really like Rebecca's hair circa 2003.

  2. Aw, cuteness! And wow, Rebecca had REALLY LONG hair! Happy birthday, kiddo. We miss you!

  3. Dan said a nice thing! *points* Also, I'm pretty sure you only like it because Katie is awesome and braided it for me.

    Inder - Right???? This is what I keep trying to recapture, but it's just not going to happen.

    Let's talk some more about my hair guys.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Katie, nice choice of photos! And yes, the hairdo is awesome. I do have a beautiful daughter, don't I? And this year I got to enjoy celebrating her birthday on the actual day with her right here in Oak Park!