Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Seven for September (belatedly)

So I know it's not quite such stuff as this blog was was made on, back in those heady days when we were always driving across the country and refusing to live in the contiguous 48, but here are some things that are keeping me entertained lately. (In the interest of current events I'll let Rebecca, as the Mac user in the family, handle the Steve Jobs eulogy.)

1) After talking a big game for the past year about how I was going to copy Rebecca's life, I finally did it! By which I mean I submitted my school application. Presumably sometime between tomorrow and the day the program starts in January I will find out whether or not I have actually been accepted to UT's non-clinical social work Master's program. If you actually care Mom, this is what non-clinical social work means. In conclusion, if all goes well, in 2.5-3 years I should be a clown. We'll see.

2) Jeremy-my-one-Jewish-friend-in-Austin and I rang in 5772 with a big-screen showing of my favorite Mel Brooks movie. Two words for you: Richard Lewis. SOGOOD. (Postscript: I feel compelled to add that for reasons completely unrelated to the Days of Awe, Jeremy & I may also end up breaking our - well, my - Yom Kippur fast with a home screening of Sister Act. Don't ask. I know I know, the early 90s called, it wants its terrible family-friendly comedies back.)

3) Speaking of so-bad-they're-good movies about singing Christians: Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah are in a soon-to-be-released choir movie together. I'm sorry, could you not hear me? DOLLY PARTON AND QUEEN LATIFAH ARE IN A SOON-TO-BE-RELEASED CHOIR MOVIE TOGETHER. Jeremy and I have basically already pre-ordered our tickets.

4) And while we're on the subject of pop culture, I would be remiss if I didn't keep you all updated on the latest buzz about my supermodel obsession Andrej Pejic, which is that he's been invited to Buckingham Palace next Thursday to meet the Queen of England and everyone on the internet is dying to know whether he'll wear a suit or a dress. I promise I'll post pictures. Even though you don't care. Really it's just an excuse for me to look at pictures and blame it on you.

5) Did I mention I went to New York? And Washington DC? I didn't take any pictures which means I can't blog about it which means it probably never happened. It'll just be a secret between me and my new H&M clothes.

6) I seem to have had another cocktail honorarily named after me because it's the only one I ever order and I'm apparently never friends with people who know the names of cocktails, which is just as well because I definitely don't. In college, a "Katie" was vodka & cranberry juice but these days, it's vodka & grapefruit juice. Just so you know. I can't promise anyone at a bar in Austin will bring it to you if you ask for it (also, apparently it's actually called a Greyhound? Lame.) but if you ask me for a Katie I will be honored and totally make you one. Actually, we'll probably be out of juice or vodka or both, because we always are. But I'll take you somewhere you can get one.

7) Finally, this past September was brought to you in memory of Margo K. and Sandra G., and in honor of brand-new baby Sydney. Comings and goings. Lots of love to all of you in our extended blog family... now go hug somebody you care about.


  1. For #1, thanks for the link. But why did, "blah, blah, blah, blah Watson" come to mind when I read it?

    It is very sad and very joyful that life is about cycles. Welcome, dear Sydney, and farewell, Margo.

    Welcome October. Mom

  2. Oops, I meant to refer the "blah,blah, etc." to having read the description of the program. I am still trying to understand more than the program name.

  3. noooooooooooooooo, not a clown! is it not enough that i date a man who likes to dress up as a clown? you must not betray me like that! ;)

    also, vodka and cranberry is called a cape codder! jeesh! i think the greyhound should forever be known as the katie, though.

    my phone works again, so let's talk!

    and yes, it is a september full of goodbyes. hugs to alison and carly. and kt and rebecita and so many others of you!

  4. ps good luck with school admission!

  5. Briana, you can't hold us back anymore! We're all going to clown college!

  6. I thought gin & cranberry was a Cape was what I used to drink. N

  7. 1) First things first: alcohol! So I was talking to a drink-savvy friend recently about how in college a friend of mine christened v&c a "Katie" even though I was pretty sure it's called a Cape Codder, and she giggled at me and was like, "Actually it's just called a Cape COD." I was like, But I'm FROM the state where Cape Cod is, how can I be wrong??? I'm glad to have backup. Just remember to call it a Cape Cod when you're in Texas.

    1b) I think technically you can use vodka or gin for either a Cape Cod(der) or a Greyhound.

    2) B I purposely picked out the least offensive picture of clowns I could find! Seriously, google image "clown college" (don't.) to see what other horrifying options are out there...

  8. Cape Codder (cocktail) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    The Cape Cod or Cape Codder is a type of cocktail made with only fruit juice and spirits. The name refers to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the eastern United States.


    it's like a katie in a bottle. also my favorite alcohol these days. i think these things are probably related.

    also, you of all people will appreciate this. atlanta pride is this weekend, and my friend sam (a good alabama methodist) is having a celebrate pride/yom kippur break-fast party saturday night. she is curing her own lox.

  10. I love everything you just said.

  11. I wish there was a single word that expressed a spontaneous outpouring from one's heart. I would use that word here. Thank you, KT. Love you.

  12. Y'all are too much. I love everything about this post, but particularly the comments section. AND, I just find it so funny that YOU'RE going to crazy social work master's degree school even though you ought to be going to bartender's academy like I'M thinking of doing.
    Love you.

  13. @A: No, love YOU.
    @C: Bartender academy! Do it! You'll be the hottest bartender ever! And then you can make me a delicious Katie every time I come to visit.