Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Clown College ^3!

Guess who just got accepted to UT's social work program?????? (Yes, I'm totally stealing Katie's thunder because I already had this blog post open when she shared her good news on facebook.) On the heels of Richard's acceptance to Texas State! Yay, all of us being in school again gives me such warm fuzzy feelings. It's just like it's the year 2000 again! Except now we do our homework BEFORE we watch Richard Dawson on Family Feud.

Seriously, my recent trip to Austin was basically equal parts singing and studying, with some wine-ing down and rescued animals thrown in for good measure! I basically spent the entire time resisting the worldwide conspiracy that is trying to make me move to Texas. Because.
1) Natalia moved to Dallas that exact weekend! I miss that girl! But it's for her dream job. Sigh.
2) The company I work for is based out of Texas and has eight zillion stores there! Including one about 3 blocks from Katie and Richard's house. (I dragged Richard there to pick out his own extremely belated birthday present.)
3) So many lovely singing friends! And did I mention the wine-ing down?
4) I so want to always do my homework at the coffee shop where Richard is newly installed as barista. With distractions in the forms of free tea and visits from Katie.
5) Guys, I go to online school.
6) The Austin rescue zoo!

This... is the only picture I have from the weekend.

Duck hands!

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