Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Registration is the best part

Remember how I wasn't actually disproportionately excited about registering for classes last semester? Welllllll that was before I suffered through two DECIDEDLY lackluster courses. I've kind of learned SOMETHING, but mostly from the research assignments, because both professors and their curriculum materials are a complete waste of space. I knew what I was getting into, because the program has an extremely robust database of professor reviews. They're the first 2 of 3 required core courses, and when I couldn't get my first choice professors I just chose the ones that were reputed to have an easy course load. Because I was legitimately worried about juggling school with full time work.

Ha! To liven up my ranting, and to express how little I had to worry about, here's a photo of my textbooks. Which I have NOT CRACKED and yet I am running nearly 100% in both my classes. What's that quote again? Hell hath no fury like that of a student who has paid hella $$ for unused textbooks? Yeah.

(Even looking at those textbooks long enough to photograph them was too boring and angry-making. I had to throw my shiny new jam cookbook on top to get through it.)

Welllll, it's going to be a different story from here on out, I can tell you. Now that I have a freaking choice, I plan to categorically avoid any classes whose reviews fall into the following categories.
1) CLOWN COLLEGE! Both my current classes fit into this stereotype. I would call this review of my management class GROSSLY generous in its praise: "If you're looking for a relatively undemanding class with thought-provoking reading and discussion plus easy grading, this would be a good choice." This one is more like it: "Dr. Sawyer is very nice, but I am sorry I took this class. I believe libraries were mentioned maybe twice during the entire semester. This class is an easy A, but it's mind-numbingly dull and in my opinion, has zero relevence."
2) NIGHTMARE! A disturbing number of reviews contain this phrase. Sometimes it's because the professor is completely disorganized (assignments/grading standards are incomprehensible, doesn't know how to work the online portal) and/or absent (traveling, not replying to email, not grading anything before the semester is over). Sometimes this is because they're an amazing, expert professor, but their expectations are insane. "Astronomical workload" "4-5 x more work than my other courses." Scary.

From this day forward, I, Rebecca Edwards, being of sound mind and body, swear that I will ONLY, and I cannot emphasize this enough, ONLY take courses from professors who get rave reviews across the board. ("Favorite teacher," "learned more from this professor than any other," "wish I could take more of his/her courses." Yes.)

Anyway, back to the point of the post, which is that I was REALLY looking forward to this, my registration day. I'm kicking off my Onwards and Upwards Professors of the Year Only pledge with the following classes:
• "Information Retrieval" Last of three prerequisites. It's about... databases? I don't really know. But the professor is reputed to "make a dull subject interesting" etc. I'll let you know...
• A seminar on teaching information literacy. What? Me take something I'm interested in, qualified for, and is a marketable skill? With a professor who is "everything you could want from an online instructor?" That's un-possible.

I also made a fancy spreadsheet to map out the rest of my credits. With two courses each semester and one each summer, I'm on track to graduate with my MLIS in the spring of 2014! This sounds simultaneously a crazy long time from now in a galaxy far away, and super soon.

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  1. "Tart and sweet." Just like your comments about library school.