Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adorable AND delicious

Yesterday I was continuing a crossword puzzle that R had started and discovered that in response to the clue "Kind of salad," he had written "KOALA."




In other news, I was offered a graduate assistantship yesterday which is 100% COMPLETELY AWESOME in every way except the one where I have to start working as soon as 2012 arrives, instead of pretending like I'm rich and famous and not doing anything for the first two weeks of January. But paychecks keep me in Ikea furniture, so I shouldn't complain.

This is my last full week of the job I've held for almost 6 years. That's... weird.

Hope Wednesday is treating you all nicely!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

This season in numbers

1... email I have received so far from my upcoming Master's program's Director of Student and Community Affairs which included the acronym "LOL."

5... people who ate Richard's turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner we hosted, of which the attendees (including us) consisted of 4 ominvores and 2 vegetarians.

15... days until I take my job and shove it! (By which I mean leave amicably after giving my boss more than 11 months' notice.)

22... degrees warmer than Central Texas that WMass is right now. (That was a weird sentence.) I am enjoying the sensation of not being able to feel my fingers while it lasts.

193... times (give or take) since December 1st that I have listened to Susan McKeown sing "Auld Lang Syne." I blame Jenna.

I'll conclude this post with... goats. Obviously. These are from our trip to the Austin Rescue Zoo this fall! There were lions and other animals more awesome than goats, but the threat of them eating Richard & Rebecca meant I couldn't get a good shot of them petting one...