Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've been super lazy about cooking lately, but I've had a chance to cook delicious meals with friends the last two nights in Boston. Yesterday was an epic visit with Ruth and Lauren and Syd - after working up an appetite planting bulbs and walking around their neighborhood we gorged on sweet potato cakes and fancy desserts. There were audible mmmmmmmm noises.

Then tonight Briana and Dennis and I had a homestyle extravaganza featuring Briana's abundance of root vegetables - thanks Jamie Oliver for teaching me that the secret to crispy bits in your roast potatoes is boiling and "fluffing."

When forced to choose between two gluten free mac and cheese options, we did the only sensible thing.


The results came down HEAVILY in favor of Annie's. We found the quinoa pasta mealy and one tester thought the sauce tasted like chemicals. The Annie's sauce was creamy and the rice pasta a much better substitute.

Of course, some of us weren't quite so picky.

Friday, October 12, 2012

On September 3, 2006, I climbed a mountain.

Well, technically it was a volcano, and hardly the most intimidating one around, but hey. I climbed it. And I never would have done it without the push from my good friend Rebecca Nichols, who was my roommate at the time in Quito.

Not the pretty green hill. The cloudy peak in the distance.

So this week I got the news that Rebecca passed away. Which is just, shitty. She was one of those people who are scary smart and talented and ready to change the world. And she was La Alta, 1/3 of our trifecta of Rebeccas. And she was my Jewy friend who was always willing to have a fashionably late Seder with me. And she was super supportive of me in all my jam endeavors and career crises when I was lucky enough to have her as a neighbor in Oakland. And once we went to a Black Panther film festival. And... a lot of things.

And she made me summit this mountain with her.

I've posted all the other pictures I took in Ecuador for but some reason never got around to this set til now. Partly I think because it was a really overwhelming experience. Not so much spiritually, but, like, physically exhausting :) Here's the description I blogged at the time:

Rebecca and I scaled Imbabura yesterday! She has a friend who is a tour guide and he is currently doing a whole series of andiñismo - climbing the volcanos in ecuador from north to south. There were about 18 people, all ecuadorian except for us, and mostly women! At 4,630 m it's not much higher than pichincha, but there's no teleferico to get you to to the top, so its quite a climb. I have some beautiful pictures which i will get up eventually. The best part was scaling the rocks at the end, but coming down really SUCKED... it was 4 hours up, going up the whole time, and it still took 4 hours down! My knees basically gave out halfway down and so I was hobbling and falling over the rest of the way, since I couldn't really support myself. And I was definitely the dirtiest i've been in a really long time, or possibly ever.

Seriously, we kicked up so much dust that I had dirt coating my teeth and eyeballs and probably my lungs. And other places dirt shouldn't be.

But now that I've been separated from Ecuador for so long, and suddenly separated from this lady, looking at the pictures from that day does feel pretty damn spiritual. Not really sure what else to say, except. Thanks.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Ballad of the New Computer in which a child shall lead them to cleanliness

Hey so Katie came to visit! And it was epic! Will try to post more because there are pretty pictures and singing videos and adorable new nicknames. But first I promised my dad I would post pictures of the New Computer.

First I feel the need to share the epic story of the New Computer. It all started when my gorgeous rolltop desk never quite got the brutal cleaning treatment the rest of my room got pre-Katie. I even cleaned my closet, so I had to find somewhere to shove all the junk I couldn't actually be bothered to deal with. Basically, poor old desk ended up stacked to the gills and beyond with god knows what. I know my tax documents from 2010 were on the bottom and my library books were on top, but in between... well, I still don't even know. It's all a blur.

Enter the New Computer. My laptop is a few years old and gets HEAVY use. Pretty much if I am home I am on this thing. And especially when I watch video the laptop gets sad and overheated. Still works well but... I worry. I mean, my whole life is on here. Tumblr is on here. School is on here. So I figured instead of waiting for my computer to die a messy death like the last two times, I could... get a new one now! Like, a proper desktop. And save the laptop for actual laptop specific purposes. I found a sweet deal on a refurbished 2006 imac. I even found a birthday backer.

So one day the New Computer arrived. For different reasons, Joe and I were both very excited about the giant box. Unfortunately, the only available surface was pretty much... the floor. So I promised Joe I would clean off my desk later and then we could unpack the computer. Note to self - never promise things to a small child. They will remember. They will come to your room every day and say "Need to clean off Becca's desk! Need to take out the huge computer!" And you will say, "Right! Sure! Just... not right now. Soon Joe. Soon." Finally I couldn't take the guilt of being an untrustworthy adult so I put away the "tiny computer" and met the madness head on. Guys - I conquered. I filed things in actual files. It was magical.

Tl;dr. Here she is. The new lady in my life. On my functional workspace.

 Thanks again Dad! By the way - you can see also see the turntable which was my birthday gift last year. Step into my media center, why don't you.

 I feel the need to point out that this is an episode queued up to play. I don't actually have a doctor who wallpaper (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Julian Bream is soothing, ok?

Someone asked me my top most played songs. Which are hilariously skewed to the albums I default to as background music when writing evil research papers or trying to sleep on planes (do these stats include your ipod? I can't tell.) But also includes a few of my obsessions. (Also, why is itunes so bad at genres?)

(click for full-size image)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handbook? What handbook?

So now I'm this library person all of a sudden! Just finished up a 2 day retreat with a bunch of the other district library staff, which was... shockingly fun and informative. I feel like I vaguely know what I'm supposed to be doing with this mad new life now and met all kinds of people who are in the trenches of this dysfunctional district along with me. I mean, I got the handbook and everything.

Also we had an impressive array of helpful visitors from the public library, local literacy groups, and a good old boy from Texas who taught us how to repair books.

Also three of us sitting together discovered that we're all in the same masters program, and share 2 classes between us this semester. Which.. starts tomorrow! (I'm totally looking forward to it. Remember? Tweeeeeeens?)

And then on Thursday Katie arrives!! Oh, anecdote. Joe wanted to hang out in my room today and "watch my computer" for some reason, so we looked at pictures of Katie to prime him for the good times we'll have this weekend.

Joe: No, not Katie! Katie is tiny!
Me: Hmm, I'm pretty sure this is my friend Katie. And she's not really tiny.
Joe: No, Katie is a tiny baby! She's cute!
Me: ....

(Joe and Giles really likes tiny tiny babies. Just keeping the buffy theme going. Buffy Rewatch continues tomorrow! We're finally into the good evil part of S2.)

Friday, August 03, 2012

On the road again

The solution to all my blogging woes seems to be visiting Alison and making her blog about my life for me. As a bonus I also got to see her and have amazing touristy fun in NYC. I should probably start doing this every week.

Bridges, Parks, Biblical Art, and Babycakes (Just Another Tuesday in NYC)

(Taken by Alison. I know I look bored, but I'm actually just 85% happy and 15% sleepy.)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Overheard along the Minorcan shore

(In which Rebecca is crappy at blogging about her life, and entertains you with weird book excerpts instead.)

So I'm currently reading Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander, which is awesome for many reasons. Among other things, I'm pretty sure he invented the "Overheard" meme on p. 296.
First peasant: Do you see those heretics walking along so pleased with themselves? The red-haired one is descended from Judas Iscariot, no doubt. Second peasant: Wherever the English walk the ewes miscarry and abort; they are all the same; I wish their bowels may gush out. Where are they going? Where do they come from? First peasant: They are going to see the navetta and the taula d'en Xatart: they come from the disguised two-masted vessel opposite Bep Ventura's warehouse. They are sailing at dawn on Tuesday to cruise on the coast from Castellon up to Cape Creus, for six weeks. They have been paying four dollars a score for hogs. I, too, wish their bowels may gush out.
--Somewhere near ancient druid monuments, Minorca
Overheard by: Stephen Maturin

Saturday, July 28, 2012

eyes so bright, faces aglow / under the summer moonlight

 (Hipsterific photos courtesy Alexa. Thanks for documenting our trip so i didn't have to!)

Road trip! I met up with some of my favorite people to sing in Alabama and then drove back with the Texans. The singing was brilliant, the weather was record-breakingly-scorching, and the company was unmatched. I got dropped off in Houston, which sent us on the southern route via the Gulf Coast. Even without taking time to explore the back roads or anything, it was so refreshing to hit the road and see a part of the country I've never been to. The almost full moon lighting the way through the Mississippi wilderness, breakfast in the French Quarter. Hard to beat that.

Now I have a hankering for more great American travel literature. (I'm not sure this counts.)

New baby! Miss Maggie Joy showed up two weeks early, on Monday, July 9th! She's got the silkiest mullet you've ever seen.

New job! This one doesn't have any pictures, since the ones I have feature adorable community volunteers who probably don't want to be represented on my blog. So, you know how I'm in library school? Despite never having worked in a library? Well, that's all about to change! Somehow my first library job is going to be... running one! Most of the elementary school libraries in Oakland are in a sorry state, ranging from outdated and understaffed to nonexistent, but some of them are lucky enough to be getting revamped with help from the Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries. As a "senior library clerk" I'll be inhabiting one of these remodeled libraries, attempting to fill the shoes of someone who knows what they're doing. I'm ordering books about school media centers, trying not to hyperventilate, and reminding myself that I like to learn by getting my hands dirty. (And maybe also that the bar just isn't very high? Ha ha.)

New class! I just barely survived last semester by the skin of my teeth, and took the summer off from school. Easing my toes back in the water by taking one class this fall, which I swear is professionally relevant and srs, despite containing the word "tween."

LIBR 264. Materials for Tweens

Survey of materials in various formats including fiction, nonfiction, movies, CDs, computer games and other materials, and how they can meet the developmental needs of this age group. Collection development tools and techniques for this material will also be included.

Most importantly, to the immense relief of everyone around me, it does not require a research paper. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So many things! Happening! In my life! Clearly, the most important one is that Inder and I are matching Sherlock fangirls.  More updates soon! (hint: Inder looks a little different now...)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Given that it is approximately 10:30pm, please use your best critical thinking skills to determine the following:

1) Alexa and I are leaving on a 14-hour road trip in _____ hours:
     a) 0
     b) 6
     c) one million

2) I _____ started packing:
     a) have
     b) have not

3) (TRUE/FALSE) I have gotten lots of sleep this week.

4) As Richard would say, I am:
     a) scrooged
     b) not scrooged

It's gonna take a lot of fireworks to keep me awake this weekend. Fortunately, I will be spending it with a doctor, a deacon, my husband, and a librarian-in-training... definitely among the more preferable members of society to accidentally fall asleep on top of. (Almost on par with that nice soft fat guy sitting next to us on an airplane that one time who Richard accidentally fell asleep on top of while we were both napping.)

I mean seriously, wouldn't you nap on any of these people? 


Alabama or bust!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The park that dynamite saved

I've slowly but surely been coming to life this summer! Catching up with friends, including but not limited to Buffy and Sherlock tv dates. Reading actual books. Playing catch with Joe. Hitting up every farmers market in sight. Taking in the uncharacteristically gorgeous June weather. And entertaining my pops!

The view from Point Pinole, "the park that dynamite saved." (All the trails are named, like, Powder and Nitro. It's amazing.) In which my dad and I take different approaches to posing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A mystery in the mail

R is in Oregon this week, bunking on my brother's air mattress and watching the Olympic track and field trials. Today I received an envelope in the mail with no return address and a Eugene postmark. The terrifying contents:

Help, what do I do? I can't remember basic hostage protocol - is conceding to a kidnapper's demands the best thing or the worst thing you can do? And where do I send the cookies???

Sidenote: In my family, whenever something mysterious happens, we say, "This sounds like a case for One-Eyed Kelly!" My dad invented One-Eyed Kelly, Girl Detective when I was ten, and he used to commission me to draw fictional book covers for mysteries that he also invented, of which the only title I can currently remember is "Three Men and a Bowling Ball: A One-Eyed Kelly Mystery." She was kind of the anti-Nancy Drew. She dressed a little like me, she did in fact only have one eye (she wore a patch), and I'm pretty sure she also had a peg leg. Later my dad created a boy sidekick for her, Hanukkah Jones, but by then I had long since grown way too cool to draw pictures, so Hanukkah never made it onto a book cover.

Anyways, this totally sounds like a case for One-Eyed Kelly. In her absence, I will try valiantly to bring the kidnapper to justice. Now where's my magnifying glass???

Monday, June 04, 2012

I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold

Yesterday Inder dragged me to the farmers market for the first time in months, in an attempt to bring the real Rebecca back. It was lovely, Joe ate his weight in strawberries, and I whipped up market goodies into grilled cheese with sauerkraut (which I constantly crave thanks to the version at Julie's teahouse.) I had to literally hose down my veggie drawer which had been moldering unused.

This is all to say, hello again world! If you somehow didn't know, I've been experiencing extreme school-induced angst and hibernation for the last couple of months. As ever, I have no one but myself to blame. Inder and Katie deserve all the credit for putting up with my various nervous breakdowns!

What I did instead of schoolwork or living over the last few months: I banned myself from various internet haunts (tumblr, fanfiction sites). This was surprisingly successful (i generally do well with cold turkey, not so much with moderation) but somehow my free time immediately morphed into mainlining the amazing Bloody Jack series, mostly on audiobook. These books are the perfect escapism, and it was so lovely to read real books again, I couldn't restrain myself!

 Oh, AND! I finally achieved this milestone. (Milestone!)

Now I shall throw myself headfirst into a summer free of academia and full of Sherlock, Buffy, reading for pleasure, singing, and friends. (Um, sadly, I think that list IS in order of priority.) Also blogging. There will be blogging.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

June should change her tune

Things I have been doing on the non-internet:

1) Finishing 1/7 of social work school.
2) Marginally upping my pop culture street cred by watching Sherlock Season 1 and The Hunger Games, then lowering it by going to the touring Broadway production of Les Miserables (which was SO AWESOME AND YOU ARE JEALOUS). Further lowering it by watching the trailer of the upcoming Les Mis movie 73495873459887345 times.
3) Teaching karate to children sized tiny to medium-large.
4) Hosting our fifth annual Passover seder complete with a real lamb shankbone! And not a cardboard cutout! For maybe the first time in Mahoney family history. Partly because there's only room for one fake cardboard thing in our house, and that role is taken.

5) Celebrating my new foray into academia and intellectual elitism by rereading as many ridiculous books from my adolescence as I can possibly think of.
6) Going to a Yann Tiersen show. He had really bad hair.
7) Learning how to break boards, because somehow I will in theory be testing for my black belt in December. That's weird.
8) Being sent on secret softball missions by Dan and Ty.
9) Forgetting about an extraordinary number of birthdays.
10) Eating watermelon.

Unfortunately, I have no amazing stories from or multimedia evidence of the past 2 months. You'll just have to trust me that they happened. Fortunately, text blogs are totally passe now, so by not blogging I'm being... cutting edge? Oh yes.

Hope everyone's doing well... I'm excited that I'll get to see lots of you in AL and MA and CA this summer! Okay that's all I got. xoxo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm stealing this tagline for my life.

My dad recently had a big birthday and asked only for me to post once in a while so he knows I'm alive. This one's for you, Stu!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I rang in 30 with artisan mini-golf at the museum, a birthday balloon from B&Q, and, in the following order, ice cream, paté, and pizza. Well alright, then. Stand back, world, as I blaze this blog's way into our collective 30s. Onward!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seasonal excuse to use my census tag

Dublin CA shoutout!

Yes, I follow the census on facebook. What. Also, they're counting down to the release of the 1940 census records on April 2nd! 72 years is the magic number, if you didn't know. When they're released I'll have to celebrate by finally posting the Edwards/Backer family info I'd unearthed in previous census records. I know you CAN'T WAIT!

Until then, please enjoy this old-timier-than-fiction promotional film for the 1940 census. "The best place to get information about the entire population is the place where the people sleep."

(Also, Richard, when you grow up you can work in the Geography division! I'm sure the technology hasn't changed since 1960 or anything...)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so, it turns out my whole life is one long library interlude

I'm learnding! I have a midterm coming up that I haven't done ANY of the reading for. Another 15 page seminar paper to write. You know, school as usual. Trying to squeeze in planning for the Golden Gate, a visit from my mom, and a midnight screening of the Hunger Games. It's finally raining. That's all the news I got, folks. I'll see you again in 2014.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Library interlude

Hey guys. Remember that duck screencast I made? Well, this time I had to make a real instructional screencast:

This screencast is aimed at goodreads users who want to track down interesting titles at a local library. I demonstrate how to use the WorldCat tool built into goodreads to search multiple library catalogs at once. (Give it a minute to load.)

It was super fun to make, if grueling. The free software I have doesn't allow any edits, so basically it involved me practicing with my silly narrator voice in my room for most of last Sunday until I got to where I could pull the whole thing off in one take. Please appreciate the backstage hilarity - orchestrating 3 different programs, multiple tabs, and a printed script, all while trying to sound professional and make the process look easy enough that any joe-grab-a-sandwich could find their book too.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Since last we spoke (March 2012 edition)

Of late I have...

...given up our community garden plot. I still get SO GIDDY every time I remember that we don't have to go weed or plant or do our service hours. Turns out we kind of hate gardening. Who knew? (Above photo taken last spring by my dad. See you in hell, garden.)

...procured a new doctor named Dr. Dai. Pronounced "die." He has now officially joined Dr. Slaughter on my list of Specialists With Terrifying Names. Fortunately, he's just an optometrist, so I'm not totally convinced he can inflict any mortal damage upon me. I'm keeping my guard up, though.

...gotten interrupted halfway through a paper-writing all-nighter by an email from our TA explaining that our professor had been in an accident and broken his leg, class the next day was cancelled, and papers were now due Friday instead of Tuesday. Which left me with two dilemmas. Moral dilemma: Rejoice or feel sad for the professor? Intellectual dilemma: Finish writing the paper while I still have momentum or go home and put it off until Thursday night? In conclusion, I think we all know how I resolved both of those. Ahem.

...gotten progressively worse at packing lunches and dinners for school days and getting all my homework done early. O early-semester resolutions, how quickly you fade.

All that being said, school is good, three-class courseloads are the best thing ever invented, March in Austin is as gorgeous as it is every year, and I have faith that someday R will finish reupholstering the living room couch so that it will consist of more than just cotton batting on a wooden frame.

Also, this happened.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good spring!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

and we'll be gathered home

If you ever want to drive past the As home stadium AND their spring training site before breakfast, just make sure you take a stupidly early flight from Oakland to Phoenix at the right time of year. And to think, people back home kept asking me why I would want to travel to Arizona!

The Athletics aside, MPeeee lives here! Yesterday we spent a lot of time in parking lots, rang a historic bell using a 75-year old bull whip, ate deliciousness, and caught up on basically everything ever in our lives for the past year.

Tonight I'm in Tucson, full of Harp of Ages harmony and veggie tamales, with more singing tomorrow. There is just nothing wrong with that (except that I should be doing homework.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't underestimate the things that I will do

Colorlines, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME with all these stunning preteen covers of Rolling in the Deep. First they posted this precocious family band from Mexico.

Now there's PS22's choir. Oh my god just from the first note this girl kills it/me. And the kids and their hand motions. If I've been good in this life, may I please be a part of this choir in the next?

(Also, I just realized that I've consumed both chocolate stout and chocolate/chili/strawberry tea in the last day. And I had some actual chocolate.)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another gem from course readings...

"Technology systems, such as text-based multi-user object-oriented environments and gopher servers, have not withstood the test of time because they were not engaging to the user. However, a fairly simply [sic] program such as Oregon Trail (Trinklein Et Boettcher, 2003) continues on because students seem enthralled with it. I am unfamiliar with any research showing large test score gains for Oregon Trail users, but it is being used in classrooms around the country."

Monday, February 13, 2012

File Under: Just Another Evening At Home

R: What's your password?

K: I'm not telling you! It ends with an exclamation point. That's all I'll say.

R: Is it "WHITE POWER!"?

K: No.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Helloooooooooooo world!!!

You'll be comforted to note that even though I've been in school for less than a month, I've already managed to pull one paper-writing all-nighter. Ahh, it'd been a while. The difference is that now when I get an hour of sleep I look SO TERRIFYING the next day. If only I'd had under-eye bags like that in college I never would have gotten so little sleep. I do kind of perversely love the feel of being in a school library at 1am, though... it's so weirdly, comfortingly unnatural.

As for schoolwork... Rebecca, I see your Paolo Freire and raise you textbooks that say things like, "Giving serious thought to common mechanisms of oppression can help us to recognize social injustice and think about ways to challenge it." Apparently I am entering a profession whose members are literally required to "challenge social injustice." Um, okay. Turns out I picked the right graduate program. As far as I can tell, I'm getting a Master's in Being Nice and Cooperating. It's the part I was born to play!

Before I disappear again into a maelstrom of Personal Growth, I would like to take a moment to warn you all that if you were thinking about taking advantage of Goodwill by secreting the price tag off of something and replacing it with a cheaper pricetag, they're one step ahead of you. These nightstands were $12.99 and BY GOD THEY'LL MAKE SURE I KNOW IT. I don't even want to tell you how many more price tags were on the surfaces you can't see.

Okay, away I go again. I'm sure Rebecca will continue to entertain you until my next appearance! xoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Soiled again

Guys, this week is weird. Lots of weird, but mostly the lead.

We found out on Monday that the backyard soil was chock full of lead. Not necessarily a big deal, even for our garden, except how there is a little guy around here who tested high for lead who has been known to eat that dirt. And a future dirt-eater on the way. So yesterday we had it removed. The yard, that is. Like, wholesale. Some guys came with a bobcat and cleared out the whole damn thing - pickle patch, falling-apart-shed, brambles, trees, lawn, and a foot of soil. Plus everything in the driveway and the fence that used to be in the bobcat's way. This morning a dump truck squeezed back there and dumped in new soil.


After. (As seen through my bedroom window...)

What do we do with this gorgeous blank slate now? Steve votes for bocci ball court. I vote for GIANT pickle patch. I think Joe votes for... dirt hole.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I know I'm taking the right class when...

My course reading discusses Paolo Freire! Yay for critical pedagogy and therefore critical information literacy. By the way, if you're wondering what information literacy is and why I'm taking a class on it... well, if your name is Richard, I can answer: "Hey, remember that terrible section of Worlds of Music with Alec McClane? It's that, but I learn how to make it not terrible." For everyone else, I offer some shoddy visual aids I just pulled off google. I was really hoping for a venn diagram. Venn diagrams are cool.



Saturday, February 04, 2012

with pleasure

Just got back from The Artist. Again, again! Seriously, I only want to watch silent movies and sit next to old people from now on. It's so much less awkward when I spend the whole movie blubbering into my handkerchief. (Just, movies give me all the feelings. You've heard the Monsters Inc story.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clown college, now with ducks

Back to school! Already super pleased with the organization/communication skills and involvement of the professors, compared to last semester. Thank god. All I've done so far really is sign in on the first day, read the syllabus, and introduce myself. But for my information literacy seminar, we got to play with a screencast tool we'll be using. Please enjoy the silly test video I shared with the class:


(Picture credit: Katie and Inder)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing Miss Sydney

Blog bragging rights! This week I got to hang out with new mamas Ruth and Lauren and meet baby Sydney!!! Lauren was in town for a round of residency interviews, and they managed to squeeze in a couple hours to lunch with me at the Ferry building. Cue big smiles. (Not so much from Sydney. Shoving one's fist in one's mouth requires concentration after all.)

Smooches and safe travels, ladies.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

3 days, 1000 miles

Fresh back from a whirlwind back-to-school roadtrip to Marfa, the strangest 1900-person-minimalist-art-town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere that you've ever been to. It was my second time and my friend D.'s first time, and in spite of spending almost as much time driving there as we did being there - as well as being sore afflicted (we... may or may not have had to visit the Marfa Country Clinic to get antibiotics for strep throat. Both of us.) - we still managed to cram in all the existential giraffe dumpsters (caption: "GOD?"), back room shuffleboard (I was the reigning champion), converted school bus snack bars, observatories, and posing in the desert as we could have hoped for.

After 8 hours on the road last night we rolled back into town, I slept for 3 1/2 hours, and then I woke up and started my first day at my graduate assistantship. I spent the entire morning sternly telling myself YOU MAY LOOK LIKE THE WALKING DEAD (Editor's note: I totally did.) BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW STUPID YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. HOLD IT TOGETHER. It seemed to do the trick because everything worked out well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go to bed.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

To kids from 1 to 92

Welllll, my holidays this year were basically a blur of selling all the books in the world and not having any time to put new ones out or breathe and the christmas music is eating my brain cells and oh my god is it 2012 yet... oh it is? *collapses*

I can't complain though. Here on E 23rd we did manage a lot of quality time playing board games, watching Joe play with his new trains, and alternating between christmas and banjo music on the record player.

Santa enjoyed his Christmas cookies by the light of my menorah.

Joe and I made a Tardis!

Tardises? Tardii?

Joe was particularly excited to squeeze his little people inside the funny blue boxes. Sorry, plastic lady, we don't quite possess the technology to make them properly bigger on the inside.

By the by, is it too much to hope that none of you noticed my complete failure to send out a single holiday card or present?

Yeah. Sorry! I'm working on it.