Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clown college, now with ducks

Back to school! Already super pleased with the organization/communication skills and involvement of the professors, compared to last semester. Thank god. All I've done so far really is sign in on the first day, read the syllabus, and introduce myself. But for my information literacy seminar, we got to play with a screencast tool we'll be using. Please enjoy the silly test video I shared with the class:


(Picture credit: Katie and Inder)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Introducing Miss Sydney

Blog bragging rights! This week I got to hang out with new mamas Ruth and Lauren and meet baby Sydney!!! Lauren was in town for a round of residency interviews, and they managed to squeeze in a couple hours to lunch with me at the Ferry building. Cue big smiles. (Not so much from Sydney. Shoving one's fist in one's mouth requires concentration after all.)

Smooches and safe travels, ladies.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

3 days, 1000 miles

Fresh back from a whirlwind back-to-school roadtrip to Marfa, the strangest 1900-person-minimalist-art-town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere that you've ever been to. It was my second time and my friend D.'s first time, and in spite of spending almost as much time driving there as we did being there - as well as being sore afflicted (we... may or may not have had to visit the Marfa Country Clinic to get antibiotics for strep throat. Both of us.) - we still managed to cram in all the existential giraffe dumpsters (caption: "GOD?"), back room shuffleboard (I was the reigning champion), converted school bus snack bars, observatories, and posing in the desert as we could have hoped for.

After 8 hours on the road last night we rolled back into town, I slept for 3 1/2 hours, and then I woke up and started my first day at my graduate assistantship. I spent the entire morning sternly telling myself YOU MAY LOOK LIKE THE WALKING DEAD (Editor's note: I totally did.) BUT THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW STUPID YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. HOLD IT TOGETHER. It seemed to do the trick because everything worked out well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go to bed.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

To kids from 1 to 92

Welllll, my holidays this year were basically a blur of selling all the books in the world and not having any time to put new ones out or breathe and the christmas music is eating my brain cells and oh my god is it 2012 yet... oh it is? *collapses*

I can't complain though. Here on E 23rd we did manage a lot of quality time playing board games, watching Joe play with his new trains, and alternating between christmas and banjo music on the record player.

Santa enjoyed his Christmas cookies by the light of my menorah.

Joe and I made a Tardis!

Tardises? Tardii?

Joe was particularly excited to squeeze his little people inside the funny blue boxes. Sorry, plastic lady, we don't quite possess the technology to make them properly bigger on the inside.

By the by, is it too much to hope that none of you noticed my complete failure to send out a single holiday card or present?

Yeah. Sorry! I'm working on it.

2 conversations I had today

Conversation 1
10 year old boy: So, which book do you think has more action?
Me: Well, let's see. One has a picture of kids running for their lives on the cover, and the other one has... a cute cat. Probably not the one with the cat.

Also, the same kid's review of the book Sounder: Yeah, they just kept talking about being poor! And what they ate. They barely mentioned Sounder.

Conversation 2
Me: I can tell you rode your bike to work today. I deduced it from your pant cuffs.
Coworker: Nicely done, Mr. Holmes!

I should mention that a) I've somehow become way more obsessed with the BBC show Sherlock than should be legal b) I was listening to a Sherlock Holmes audio recording on the way to work and c) I must be stopped.