Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2 conversations I had today

Conversation 1
10 year old boy: So, which book do you think has more action?
Me: Well, let's see. One has a picture of kids running for their lives on the cover, and the other one has... a cute cat. Probably not the one with the cat.

Also, the same kid's review of the book Sounder: Yeah, they just kept talking about being poor! And what they ate. They barely mentioned Sounder.

Conversation 2
Me: I can tell you rode your bike to work today. I deduced it from your pant cuffs.
Coworker: Nicely done, Mr. Holmes!

I should mention that a) I've somehow become way more obsessed with the BBC show Sherlock than should be legal b) I was listening to a Sherlock Holmes audio recording on the way to work and c) I must be stopped.

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