Wednesday, January 04, 2012

To kids from 1 to 92

Welllll, my holidays this year were basically a blur of selling all the books in the world and not having any time to put new ones out or breathe and the christmas music is eating my brain cells and oh my god is it 2012 yet... oh it is? *collapses*

I can't complain though. Here on E 23rd we did manage a lot of quality time playing board games, watching Joe play with his new trains, and alternating between christmas and banjo music on the record player.

Santa enjoyed his Christmas cookies by the light of my menorah.

Joe and I made a Tardis!

Tardises? Tardii?

Joe was particularly excited to squeeze his little people inside the funny blue boxes. Sorry, plastic lady, we don't quite possess the technology to make them properly bigger on the inside.

By the by, is it too much to hope that none of you noticed my complete failure to send out a single holiday card or present?

Yeah. Sorry! I'm working on it.


  1. I didn't notice. Although now that you mention it, my frig is missing a current photo of you...

  2. PS The new verification word here is "nooth". Isn't that nyth?

  3. #Tongue of concentration!

    We had a really nice holiday with you. Several nights I woke up singing the Chanukah song. It's so catchy! It gets stuck!!