Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another gem from course readings...

"Technology systems, such as text-based multi-user object-oriented environments and gopher servers, have not withstood the test of time because they were not engaging to the user. However, a fairly simply [sic] program such as Oregon Trail (Trinklein Et Boettcher, 2003) continues on because students seem enthralled with it. I am unfamiliar with any research showing large test score gains for Oregon Trail users, but it is being used in classrooms around the country."


  1. Technology enhanced outcomes-based learning is often described as comprising those activities that keep the learner quiet the longest without supervisory input.

  2. LOL. Spoken like a teacher.

    Also, from the same article. (This was written in 2007. I checked, like, multiple times.) "E-mail is probably my favorite asynchronous technology because 1 can get quick and sometimes immediate responses without having to play telephone tag."