Sunday, March 18, 2012


I rang in 30 with artisan mini-golf at the museum, a birthday balloon from B&Q, and, in the following order, ice cream, paté, and pizza. Well alright, then. Stand back, world, as I blaze this blog's way into our collective 30s. Onward!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seasonal excuse to use my census tag

Dublin CA shoutout!

Yes, I follow the census on facebook. What. Also, they're counting down to the release of the 1940 census records on April 2nd! 72 years is the magic number, if you didn't know. When they're released I'll have to celebrate by finally posting the Edwards/Backer family info I'd unearthed in previous census records. I know you CAN'T WAIT!

Until then, please enjoy this old-timier-than-fiction promotional film for the 1940 census. "The best place to get information about the entire population is the place where the people sleep."

(Also, Richard, when you grow up you can work in the Geography division! I'm sure the technology hasn't changed since 1960 or anything...)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so, it turns out my whole life is one long library interlude

I'm learnding! I have a midterm coming up that I haven't done ANY of the reading for. Another 15 page seminar paper to write. You know, school as usual. Trying to squeeze in planning for the Golden Gate, a visit from my mom, and a midnight screening of the Hunger Games. It's finally raining. That's all the news I got, folks. I'll see you again in 2014.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Library interlude

Hey guys. Remember that duck screencast I made? Well, this time I had to make a real instructional screencast:

This screencast is aimed at goodreads users who want to track down interesting titles at a local library. I demonstrate how to use the WorldCat tool built into goodreads to search multiple library catalogs at once. (Give it a minute to load.)

It was super fun to make, if grueling. The free software I have doesn't allow any edits, so basically it involved me practicing with my silly narrator voice in my room for most of last Sunday until I got to where I could pull the whole thing off in one take. Please appreciate the backstage hilarity - orchestrating 3 different programs, multiple tabs, and a printed script, all while trying to sound professional and make the process look easy enough that any joe-grab-a-sandwich could find their book too.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Since last we spoke (March 2012 edition)

Of late I have...

...given up our community garden plot. I still get SO GIDDY every time I remember that we don't have to go weed or plant or do our service hours. Turns out we kind of hate gardening. Who knew? (Above photo taken last spring by my dad. See you in hell, garden.)

...procured a new doctor named Dr. Dai. Pronounced "die." He has now officially joined Dr. Slaughter on my list of Specialists With Terrifying Names. Fortunately, he's just an optometrist, so I'm not totally convinced he can inflict any mortal damage upon me. I'm keeping my guard up, though.

...gotten interrupted halfway through a paper-writing all-nighter by an email from our TA explaining that our professor had been in an accident and broken his leg, class the next day was cancelled, and papers were now due Friday instead of Tuesday. Which left me with two dilemmas. Moral dilemma: Rejoice or feel sad for the professor? Intellectual dilemma: Finish writing the paper while I still have momentum or go home and put it off until Thursday night? In conclusion, I think we all know how I resolved both of those. Ahem.

...gotten progressively worse at packing lunches and dinners for school days and getting all my homework done early. O early-semester resolutions, how quickly you fade.

All that being said, school is good, three-class courseloads are the best thing ever invented, March in Austin is as gorgeous as it is every year, and I have faith that someday R will finish reupholstering the living room couch so that it will consist of more than just cotton batting on a wooden frame.

Also, this happened.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good spring!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

and we'll be gathered home

If you ever want to drive past the As home stadium AND their spring training site before breakfast, just make sure you take a stupidly early flight from Oakland to Phoenix at the right time of year. And to think, people back home kept asking me why I would want to travel to Arizona!

The Athletics aside, MPeeee lives here! Yesterday we spent a lot of time in parking lots, rang a historic bell using a 75-year old bull whip, ate deliciousness, and caught up on basically everything ever in our lives for the past year.

Tonight I'm in Tucson, full of Harp of Ages harmony and veggie tamales, with more singing tomorrow. There is just nothing wrong with that (except that I should be doing homework.)