Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seasonal excuse to use my census tag

Dublin CA shoutout!

Yes, I follow the census on facebook. What. Also, they're counting down to the release of the 1940 census records on April 2nd! 72 years is the magic number, if you didn't know. When they're released I'll have to celebrate by finally posting the Edwards/Backer family info I'd unearthed in previous census records. I know you CAN'T WAIT!

Until then, please enjoy this old-timier-than-fiction promotional film for the 1940 census. "The best place to get information about the entire population is the place where the people sleep."

(Also, Richard, when you grow up you can work in the Geography division! I'm sure the technology hasn't changed since 1960 or anything...)


  1. Ha Ha. STILL not included in that yucky Census data. 1940 way too early. Nevertheless, can't wait to see what family gems you've discovered.