Monday, June 04, 2012

I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold

Yesterday Inder dragged me to the farmers market for the first time in months, in an attempt to bring the real Rebecca back. It was lovely, Joe ate his weight in strawberries, and I whipped up market goodies into grilled cheese with sauerkraut (which I constantly crave thanks to the version at Julie's teahouse.) I had to literally hose down my veggie drawer which had been moldering unused.

This is all to say, hello again world! If you somehow didn't know, I've been experiencing extreme school-induced angst and hibernation for the last couple of months. As ever, I have no one but myself to blame. Inder and Katie deserve all the credit for putting up with my various nervous breakdowns!

What I did instead of schoolwork or living over the last few months: I banned myself from various internet haunts (tumblr, fanfiction sites). This was surprisingly successful (i generally do well with cold turkey, not so much with moderation) but somehow my free time immediately morphed into mainlining the amazing Bloody Jack series, mostly on audiobook. These books are the perfect escapism, and it was so lovely to read real books again, I couldn't restrain myself!

 Oh, AND! I finally achieved this milestone. (Milestone!)

Now I shall throw myself headfirst into a summer free of academia and full of Sherlock, Buffy, reading for pleasure, singing, and friends. (Um, sadly, I think that list IS in order of priority.) Also blogging. There will be blogging.


  1. we'd fire no guns
    shed no tears
    now I'm a broken man

  2. Love the prioritized list! Luckily, as I am a friend who enjoys Sherlock, I might stand a chance.

    Seriously, I did drag Rebecca to the farmers' market with the hope of helping Rebecca to rediscover some of the pleasures in life. It has been a rough couple of months! Thank you for the sandwich!

  3. @Hal - Yay, I should have known I could count on you to catch my shanty reference!

    @Inder - It's true! My Sherlock and Buffy plans DO involve awesome friends, so maybe I'm not an irredeemably antisocial person after all.

  4. i'm always so jealous of your friendship. lol

  5. Welcome back! thank goodness for Facebook or I would have thought you had fled to Bolivia. Among your priorities, please add family, even if I must be relegated to being behind Sherlock, Buffy, etc.