Sunday, June 03, 2012

June should change her tune

Things I have been doing on the non-internet:

1) Finishing 1/7 of social work school.
2) Marginally upping my pop culture street cred by watching Sherlock Season 1 and The Hunger Games, then lowering it by going to the touring Broadway production of Les Miserables (which was SO AWESOME AND YOU ARE JEALOUS). Further lowering it by watching the trailer of the upcoming Les Mis movie 73495873459887345 times.
3) Teaching karate to children sized tiny to medium-large.
4) Hosting our fifth annual Passover seder complete with a real lamb shankbone! And not a cardboard cutout! For maybe the first time in Mahoney family history. Partly because there's only room for one fake cardboard thing in our house, and that role is taken.

5) Celebrating my new foray into academia and intellectual elitism by rereading as many ridiculous books from my adolescence as I can possibly think of.
6) Going to a Yann Tiersen show. He had really bad hair.
7) Learning how to break boards, because somehow I will in theory be testing for my black belt in December. That's weird.
8) Being sent on secret softball missions by Dan and Ty.
9) Forgetting about an extraordinary number of birthdays.
10) Eating watermelon.

Unfortunately, I have no amazing stories from or multimedia evidence of the past 2 months. You'll just have to trust me that they happened. Fortunately, text blogs are totally passe now, so by not blogging I'm being... cutting edge? Oh yes.

Hope everyone's doing well... I'm excited that I'll get to see lots of you in AL and MA and CA this summer! Okay that's all I got. xoxo

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