Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Overheard along the Minorcan shore

(In which Rebecca is crappy at blogging about her life, and entertains you with weird book excerpts instead.)

So I'm currently reading Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander, which is awesome for many reasons. Among other things, I'm pretty sure he invented the "Overheard" meme on p. 296.
First peasant: Do you see those heretics walking along so pleased with themselves? The red-haired one is descended from Judas Iscariot, no doubt. Second peasant: Wherever the English walk the ewes miscarry and abort; they are all the same; I wish their bowels may gush out. Where are they going? Where do they come from? First peasant: They are going to see the navetta and the taula d'en Xatart: they come from the disguised two-masted vessel opposite Bep Ventura's warehouse. They are sailing at dawn on Tuesday to cruise on the coast from Castellon up to Cape Creus, for six weeks. They have been paying four dollars a score for hogs. I, too, wish their bowels may gush out.
--Somewhere near ancient druid monuments, Minorca
Overheard by: Stephen Maturin

Saturday, July 28, 2012

eyes so bright, faces aglow / under the summer moonlight

 (Hipsterific photos courtesy Alexa. Thanks for documenting our trip so i didn't have to!)

Road trip! I met up with some of my favorite people to sing in Alabama and then drove back with the Texans. The singing was brilliant, the weather was record-breakingly-scorching, and the company was unmatched. I got dropped off in Houston, which sent us on the southern route via the Gulf Coast. Even without taking time to explore the back roads or anything, it was so refreshing to hit the road and see a part of the country I've never been to. The almost full moon lighting the way through the Mississippi wilderness, breakfast in the French Quarter. Hard to beat that.

Now I have a hankering for more great American travel literature. (I'm not sure this counts.)

New baby! Miss Maggie Joy showed up two weeks early, on Monday, July 9th! She's got the silkiest mullet you've ever seen.

New job! This one doesn't have any pictures, since the ones I have feature adorable community volunteers who probably don't want to be represented on my blog. So, you know how I'm in library school? Despite never having worked in a library? Well, that's all about to change! Somehow my first library job is going to be... running one! Most of the elementary school libraries in Oakland are in a sorry state, ranging from outdated and understaffed to nonexistent, but some of them are lucky enough to be getting revamped with help from the Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries. As a "senior library clerk" I'll be inhabiting one of these remodeled libraries, attempting to fill the shoes of someone who knows what they're doing. I'm ordering books about school media centers, trying not to hyperventilate, and reminding myself that I like to learn by getting my hands dirty. (And maybe also that the bar just isn't very high? Ha ha.)

New class! I just barely survived last semester by the skin of my teeth, and took the summer off from school. Easing my toes back in the water by taking one class this fall, which I swear is professionally relevant and srs, despite containing the word "tween."

LIBR 264. Materials for Tweens

Survey of materials in various formats including fiction, nonfiction, movies, CDs, computer games and other materials, and how they can meet the developmental needs of this age group. Collection development tools and techniques for this material will also be included.

Most importantly, to the immense relief of everyone around me, it does not require a research paper. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So many things! Happening! In my life! Clearly, the most important one is that Inder and I are matching Sherlock fangirls.  More updates soon! (hint: Inder looks a little different now...)