Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handbook? What handbook?

So now I'm this library person all of a sudden! Just finished up a 2 day retreat with a bunch of the other district library staff, which was... shockingly fun and informative. I feel like I vaguely know what I'm supposed to be doing with this mad new life now and met all kinds of people who are in the trenches of this dysfunctional district along with me. I mean, I got the handbook and everything.

Also we had an impressive array of helpful visitors from the public library, local literacy groups, and a good old boy from Texas who taught us how to repair books.

Also three of us sitting together discovered that we're all in the same masters program, and share 2 classes between us this semester. Which.. starts tomorrow! (I'm totally looking forward to it. Remember? Tweeeeeeens?)

And then on Thursday Katie arrives!! Oh, anecdote. Joe wanted to hang out in my room today and "watch my computer" for some reason, so we looked at pictures of Katie to prime him for the good times we'll have this weekend.

Joe: No, not Katie! Katie is tiny!
Me: Hmm, I'm pretty sure this is my friend Katie. And she's not really tiny.
Joe: No, Katie is a tiny baby! She's cute!
Me: ....

(Joe and Giles really likes tiny tiny babies. Just keeping the buffy theme going. Buffy Rewatch continues tomorrow! We're finally into the good evil part of S2.)

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