Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Ballad of the New Computer in which a child shall lead them to cleanliness

Hey so Katie came to visit! And it was epic! Will try to post more because there are pretty pictures and singing videos and adorable new nicknames. But first I promised my dad I would post pictures of the New Computer.

First I feel the need to share the epic story of the New Computer. It all started when my gorgeous rolltop desk never quite got the brutal cleaning treatment the rest of my room got pre-Katie. I even cleaned my closet, so I had to find somewhere to shove all the junk I couldn't actually be bothered to deal with. Basically, poor old desk ended up stacked to the gills and beyond with god knows what. I know my tax documents from 2010 were on the bottom and my library books were on top, but in between... well, I still don't even know. It's all a blur.

Enter the New Computer. My laptop is a few years old and gets HEAVY use. Pretty much if I am home I am on this thing. And especially when I watch video the laptop gets sad and overheated. Still works well but... I worry. I mean, my whole life is on here. Tumblr is on here. School is on here. So I figured instead of waiting for my computer to die a messy death like the last two times, I could... get a new one now! Like, a proper desktop. And save the laptop for actual laptop specific purposes. I found a sweet deal on a refurbished 2006 imac. I even found a birthday backer.

So one day the New Computer arrived. For different reasons, Joe and I were both very excited about the giant box. Unfortunately, the only available surface was pretty much... the floor. So I promised Joe I would clean off my desk later and then we could unpack the computer. Note to self - never promise things to a small child. They will remember. They will come to your room every day and say "Need to clean off Becca's desk! Need to take out the huge computer!" And you will say, "Right! Sure! Just... not right now. Soon Joe. Soon." Finally I couldn't take the guilt of being an untrustworthy adult so I put away the "tiny computer" and met the madness head on. Guys - I conquered. I filed things in actual files. It was magical.

Tl;dr. Here she is. The new lady in my life. On my functional workspace.

 Thanks again Dad! By the way - you can see also see the turntable which was my birthday gift last year. Step into my media center, why don't you.

 I feel the need to point out that this is an episode queued up to play. I don't actually have a doctor who wallpaper (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

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