Sunday, November 18, 2012


I've been super lazy about cooking lately, but I've had a chance to cook delicious meals with friends the last two nights in Boston. Yesterday was an epic visit with Ruth and Lauren and Syd - after working up an appetite planting bulbs and walking around their neighborhood we gorged on sweet potato cakes and fancy desserts. There were audible mmmmmmmm noises.

Then tonight Briana and Dennis and I had a homestyle extravaganza featuring Briana's abundance of root vegetables - thanks Jamie Oliver for teaching me that the secret to crispy bits in your roast potatoes is boiling and "fluffing."

When forced to choose between two gluten free mac and cheese options, we did the only sensible thing.


The results came down HEAVILY in favor of Annie's. We found the quinoa pasta mealy and one tester thought the sauce tasted like chemicals. The Annie's sauce was creamy and the rice pasta a much better substitute.

Of course, some of us weren't quite so picky.

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