Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The book spam begins

One thing I've been meaning to do is catch up on my reading round-ups, which I haven't done since my 4th Annual Canada Day Book Report back in '11.Like, it's been so long that I have read AND re-read this book since we last talked.

If you have read this book you know that I included the lime for reasons.
 (Btw if you make a 50 shades joke I will never talk to you again.)

I never did a year end round up in either 2010 or 2011 only because I couldn't get the goodreads book widget to post properly either time and lost the will to go on. And then... well. 2012 was officially THE WEIRDEST FUCKING READING YEAR OF MY LIFE. (Excuse the profanity. 'Twas needed for accuracy.) And it was threatening to spill over into '13.

But I recently had what turned into a bit of a group therapy session with some friends over spring break and I think I've finally got past my reading block, which started with school stress and was exacerbated by my living in the internets ( yes even more than before. apparently that was possible?). It became a feedback loop of not reading / feeling guilty / the piles of unread books staring at me harder / me getting more avoidy. Honestly a lot of my identity is as a Reader and it was really weird to be in a place of being constantly involved with books professionally and not ever reading them. Ugh. 

Anyway those days are behind me. BEHIND ME I SAY. For lo and over the next week she shall post book reports for those missing years! And verily this was not an empty promise because the first one is already written and queued up. Widget and all.


  1. I want to see what you think about Jasper Fforde books. I just read "The Last Dragonslayer" to find out whether it would be suitable for Marian yet and liked it quite a lot. May get it from audible for a family listen in the car 'cause I think it's in Matt's literary area too. But it made me think about reading some of his other stuff - I was always intrigued by the titles when I did volunteer shelving at the library but never actually borrowed one!

  2. I wasn't sure what to expect from Fforde, I was worried he would be a little too similar to Douglas Adams? (Sorry everyone one else in the world, just not a fan.) Last Dragonslayer was clever but kind of predictable? Shades of Gray is one of my all time faves though! Curious what you think if you ever read that or the Thursday Next series!