Monday, July 01, 2013

A very special edition of The Canada Day Book Report!

Hey it's that day where I sometimes update you about my reading halfway through the year! My reading has been really inconsistent for a while now, BUT. I'm a little obsessed with vlogs lately, thanks to the geek & sundry vlog project. It turned me on to some great channels including 2brokegeeks! They're the best. So on my day off I went crazy and made a vlog. A video. Blog. It's 16 minutes of me staying up too late and rambling. About books. With bad video quality and silly editing! I don't even know. I'm sure my mom will be delighted.

I would love to hear what you're all reading and (now that Katie and I have tentatively dipped our feet into modern forms of communication) maybe host a google hangout to chat about books and things! I miss your faces. (But you won't miss mine after this video. It's a lot of my face. In poor lighting.)