Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to avoid the back to school blues

1) Don't look down. aka Don't stop working. But choose wisely. Go back and reclaim that sweet employee discount. Commute to the clean cut, strip-mall saturated, freshly bike laned burbs, surrounded by sane and friendly adults (the coworkers, not the customers, don't worry my rose colored retail glasses don't extend that far) instead of mobs of children. Lock up your library books, go back and play in dust filled boxes of cultural memory.
one of my favorite reads of the summer, plucked from such a box
2) Overschedule lots of weekend jaunts across the country. Enough time to hug your best and oldest friends and family and breathe some unfamiliar air, but not enough time to let summer relaxation kick in.
sucking up quality time with cuz 2 at wedding of cuz 1
3) Take a summer course, make poor academic choices, create ridiculous amounts of unnecessary stress compounding in a full blown breakdown during the denouement. Anything that comes after this will be a relief. ANYTHING.

what's that you say? 
this is the trailer for the fifth estate, starring benedict cumberbatch as julian assange? 
and not strictly relevant to my class on government secrecy? exactly.

OH HEY DID I MENTION SCHOOL'S BACK IN SESSION? It's my second year in the job, feeling nice and loose and overconfident! Talk to me in two weeks and you'll get a different story I'm sure. Also I never thought I would be SO RELIEVED to be taking a required research methods course. I chose a professor I've had before who is nice and competent. Everything is so predictable in my life right now and I couldn't be happier.

Wishing a smooth transition to all school-adjacent people, and to the rest of you: goodnight listeners, goodnight.