Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy blogversary! What's the traditional gift for 10 year of blogging together???

Our blog went live an actual decade ago today! Enough to fill 2 digits in our arbitrary base 10 numbering system. Behold, the glorious first post:

SO. COOL. Oh 2005! Remember when blogging was the only alternative to sending out mass emails? And we tried not to make our posts too image heavy so Katie's grandparents could load the page?

All hail Blog, our faithful chronicle of road trips, weddings, graduate education, post offices, pickles, singing, book blather, nostalgia, and other adventures in adulting. We don't come round to visit as much as we once did but we'd never abandon you. Here's to blogging into our golden years, as the header once promised ;)

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  1. Seems only right I should be the first to comment and wish you a wonderful blogversary. Congrats, and lots of love!